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Norton Setup at, enter product key/code, download Norton setup and install your Norton security on your PC/MAC.

Protect all your devices with your Norton security My Norton makes it easy for you to set up your Norton software, check your security status, and extend your protection to other PCs, Macs, smartphones, and tablets.

Norton Setup


Visit Norton store and buy your Norton Subscription. Although Norton Antivirus is available in the market as software and form of a CD, Norton software is efficient, effective and recommendable. Purchasing Norton Software will get you the most recent company update; therefore, it will get installed automatically on the other hand with Norton CD, you are will be required to update the software after installation.

Norton – Sign in | Manage, Download or Setup –

  • Step1. Go to
  • Step2. Click Enter A Product Key
  • Step3. Sign in at your Norton account and check for the subscriptions available on your My Subscriptions.
  • Step4. If your subscription is not added, click the add button. You can add your subscription by entering the “Product key” on the blank space and follow the screen on your PC that provides guideline details.
  • Step5. After adding, on your Norton subscription click install button.
  • Step6. An automatic download of Norton antivirus software will follow; wait until your device finishes downloading the software.
  • Step6. Click run option and the Norton Antivirus software installation process will start.
  • Step7. Follow the instruction given on the screen and agree with the terms.
  • Step8. Then click to the option to customize the Application.
  • Step9. When the PC finishes installing the application, click on the finish button.

Your Norton Antivirus software is installed successfully; a Norton product key activates the application that comes along with the purchased software.

Note: If you have not My Norton Account. Click Sign Up and create an account.

Features of Norton antivirus

For the Norton Antivirus to adequately protect and eliminate any form of malicious software from your devices, it uses the patented layers such as:

1. Always Up-to-Date Product Version.
The software usually sends essential products and features for updates. The newer version can installed even without your assistance.

2. Threat-removal Layer
Norton antivirus detects and removes malware that other antivirus cannot.

3. Scam Insight
Scam insight does automatic websites review to protect you from any form of cybercrime. It ensures the safety of your personal information

4. Battery serving
The Norton Antivirus has a power saving setting plan that helps to optimize the life of your laptop battery. It puts off all activities that are not necessary until your PC is charging.

5. Browser Protection
The Norton Antivirus application blocks this form of online threat. It aids minimizing damages that may result from the outside.

6. Silent mode
In case you are playing video games or watching a movie, the software temporarily disbands any alert and update; therefore no interaction will be experienced.

7. Norton Support
The users can get free technical support from the Norton community and online articles.

About Norton Security

A PC security software company developed the highly regarded Norton Antivirus. Majorities of people across the world have full confidence in Norton Security when it comes to the best antivirus and anti-malware security for their computers.

Various devices use Norton Antivirus setup that has exclusive software. Norton has introduced other utility applications that are compatible with personal computers and android devices, windows and iOS smartphones.

This Norton Utility gives a wide range of advantages to your PC and smartphones devices when it comes to the device memory, device processor and the battery. The number of Norton Antivirus setup offered includes Norton security, which guards your PC against all kind of security threats such as Antivirus, and anti-spyware; Norton Antivirus, protect your devices against internet related risks.

Norton Mobile Security offers comprehensive protection for your smartphones; Norton WiFi Security helps in securing your network from an unauthorized user and Norton Utility. There are free trials for these products on the internet and can be accessed by simply visiting

Norton Antivirus software offers protection to the computers and smartphones from outsides viruses that may cause severe damages to the PC. The device is fully secured from any kinds of threats unless you are using public WiFi.

The benefits of using Norton Anti-virus are remarkable and non-comparable. Installation of the software protects against outside threats such as the virus, spyware, online attack, and malware. Along with that your privacy is maintained, helps in avoiding suspicious downloads and unsafe websites. It enables you to add more protections if you have more devices available.

Besides, Norton Antivirus assist in tracking your stolen smartphone and tablets, the freedom to use your internet is guaranteed and device assurance free from the virus. A secure environment is all about Norton Antivirus.

It protects malicious online identity impersonation, and it is the best when conducting internet banking. To online marketers and online shopper, their safety is 100% guaranteed.